GLAAD’s Sarah Kate Ellis hopes Biden-Harris administration gives LGBTQ+ people 'a seat at the table'

'I took a really big breath at 12:01 today...'
Sarah Kate Ellis
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On the heels of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris’ inauguration, GLAAD’s CEO and President, Sarah Kate Ellis sat down with RADIO.COM’s CHANNEL Q on Let’s Go There with Shira Lazar and Ryan Mitchell to share in the joy that this new administration has brought on. Ellis also delves into what new Biden era policies will mean for the LGBTQ+ community in the coming years.

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“I took a really big breath at 12:01 today, quite honestly,” starts Ellis as she begins to unfold what the new presidency means to her. She continues, “I don’t even know if we understand how deep the PTSD is from these past four years, while our community has been under direct attack from this last administration.”

While Sarah acknowledges the massive amount of work ahead of us she says, “I feel like we can breathe now.” The GLAAD president feels that there isn’t just a lot of “repair” to do but also a lot of “building” of new equalities for the LGBTQ+ community. Ellis calls for momentum and urges to not let complacency set in. “I think these past four years have shown us, in clear view, how fragile our rights are and how many rights we still don’t have as a community, and that is across our community for discrimination. That is for people of color within our community, the trans community, people with disabilities, it’s our entire community.”

In an attempt to find a silver lining in the past four years Ellis says that she has found that the LGBTQ+ community has really tried to find and understand the intersectionality of the community.

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The CEO plans to continue this driving energy, where people are more politically engaged and focused on LGBTQ+ intersectionality. GLAAD continues to inform the community and act as a top resource to ensure that LGBTQ+ stories and news are being heard. “We are constantly letting the community know what’s going on and what’s happening,” explains Ellis.

Alongside President Biden and Vice President Harris’ first 100 days in office, GLAAD also has a 100-day plan that coincides with the administration’s agenda. “We have a big audacious plan for the next four years, and we need people in our community and our allies supporting that plan,” Ellis elaborates.