Happy 50th Birthday Jennifer Lopez: See Our 5 Favorite Videos

Honoring the excellence that is J.Lo
Jennifer Lopez performs onstage during the It's My Party Tour at The Forum on June 07, 2019
Photo credit Kevin Winter / Staff

Would you expect anything less from Jennifer Lopez?

The “Jenny From The Block” singer turns 50 on July 24th, and she marked the milestone by dancing her way into another decade.

“#MOOD... Bc tomorrow's my birthday!!!!!” she posted on Tuesday, showcasing some spinning moves from the world-class dancer.

Fiancé Alex Rodriguez offered up his own tribute to J.Lo for her big day, compiling candid clips of the couple and their family, soundtracked by Billy Joel’s “These Are The Times To Remember.”

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“Thank you for your passion, and your energy, and your inspiration, and your endless pursuit to be the best at everything that you do” narrates Rodriquez in the video. “You are simply the best partner in life, the best daughter, the best mother, the best performer. We love you. Your fans love you, your children love you, and I love you.”

“I’m crying....I love our life...I love you so much” Lopez commented back. “Thank you my beautiful Macho.”

Last year at the MTV Video Music Awards, Jennifer Lopez served up a show-stopping performance, and was honored with the Videoo Vanguard Award. To celebrate 50 years of J.Lo, these are 5 of our favorite videos from the former Fly Girl who captured our hearts.

“Love Don’t Cost A Thing”

The last thing she needs is another bracelet! What she needs is a postcard inspired dance break.


A black and white banger with Cardi B and DJ Khaled. In “Dinero” she’s comes around on the bracelets, and has become a grilling enthusiast.

“Jenny From The Block”

There is way more Ben Affleck in the “Jenny From The Block” video than most of us remember. What a simpler time. Still this is iconic J.Lo, even if you forgot about the Blair Witch opening and the Benniferness.

 “I’m Real (Remix) featuring Ja Rule

The perfect summer relationship. Things are heating up, appetites for love become hunger pains, and everything is awesome. It’s just a nice, simple summer day with a game of basketball and a party at the pool. Forget that Ja Rule is way more aggressive about the afternoon than needed, and enjoy.

“Waiting For Tonight”

Getting ready for a night out with the girls... a night out at the jungle laser party. Lopez is shimmering and the countdown to 2000 is on as she dances her way into a new millennium. Once the clock hits zero, there’s a bonus waterfall party for J.Lo, because it was a resolution to play under more cascading water or something. Anyway, this is peak J.Lo.

Next up for Jennifer Lopez is the movie Hustlers. In it, Lopez hatches a plan for vigilante justice against the men of Wall Street and assembles a group of like-minded dancers ready to exact their revenge. Her crew of entertainers includes Crazy Rich Asians star Constance Wu, “Juice” singer Lizzo, and strip club success story Cardi B - all ready for some Scores-sized Robin Hood revenge.

Hustlers hits theaters on September 13th.