See a shocked 14-year-old get a message from Drake in his hospital bed

A heartfelt message from one Toronto native to another

Zelek Murray, a 14-year-old who like Drake, is also a Toronto native, was diagnosed with ependymoma at nine years old. The rare type of brain cancer has had him in and out of the hospital for much of his life, however, the young rap fan is incredibly strong. His family shared his story via his GoFundMe page.

Over the weekend Murray celebrated his birthday and received an amazing surprise message from Drizzy. Champagne Papi had learned about Zelek from his friend and fellow Canadian, Mustafa the Poet, and quickly jumped on creating a heartfelt message for Murray.

In the birthday video shared by Zelek’s mother, Temeka Ishmael, Drake powerfully says to Murray, "We both thought it would be a great thing if I got to send you some love and some admiration and some respect. I can’t imagine how tough you have to be, and Mustafa let me know that you’re a fan of mine. Well, I’m a fan of you. I’m a fan of people with heart, and I can tell that you have a lot of heart. So I just wanna tell you, stay strong, I love you, and I appreciate you."

Temeka also shared her son’s reaction from his hospital bed and writes, “You don’t even know how much this meant for US but most importantly ‘HIM.’ "His strength is like no other and yes he has his good days and bad days, BUT THIS is exactly what he needed to lift up his Spirit.. to never give up.”

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