André 3000 Cast in New AMC Show, Spotted Playing the Flute Around Filming Site

The Outkast MC will star along with Jason Segel
André 3000
Photo credit Michael Buckner / Staff

Once again Three Stacks is getting ready to play his part.

André 3000 has been cast in the upcoming AMC project, “Dispatches From Elsewhere.” The 10-part series created by and starring Jason Segel is now filming in Philadelphia, and tells the story of “a group of people who stumble onto a puzzle hiding behind everyday life and discover an ever-deepening mystery,” according to the Atlanta site

Fans in Philadelphia knew something was up with the Outkast star, long before the casting announcement was made. Over the past week, André 3000 has been spotted around the city of brotherly love, carrying around a double flute and posing for pictures. Because, André 3000.

Not for nothing, but the flute is having an amazing year. First Lizzo slays the BET Awards with a solo, and now the coolest lyricist in the history of Hip Hop is carrying one around for fun, like he's at a Renaissance Faire.

André 3000 has been relatively quietly lately aside from a few features, but he did surface earlier this year to celebrate the high school graduation of Outkast partner Big Boi's son. Yes those are the same overalls. Let the man live. He's a genius.