Cardi B and Offset Translate 'Clout' Lyrics for Old People

Watch the hilarious Jimmy Kimmel segment “New Lyrics for Old People”

“If you’re an older music fan, maybe you have some trouble understanding his lingo,” Jimmy Kimmel introduces Offset in a perfect new segment.

Modern rap lyrics can be too much to keep up with. With generational differences, internet slang, and regional phrases, English can feel like a completely different language. Especially when Cardi B gets thrown into the mix.

Rap queen Cardi B is known and loved for her iconic phrases. From “okurrr” to “eeeeowwww,” fans could use a separate dictionary to keep up with her.


A talk show appearance on Jimmy Fallon is where the internet’s obsession with the way she talks really started. Now, she’s joining Jimmel Kimmel Live! with husband Offset to translate their lyrics. In a segment titled “New Lyrics for Old People,” the two help Kimmel figure out what their song “Clout” really means.

“Straight out the streets to a penthouse/ Miami beach, Yayo,” Offset raps. “I came from humble beginnings, but now I own a condominium in Florida,” Kimmel explains. “Yayo.”

Watch the hilarious clip in the cover video above and listen to clout below.