Cardi B Calls Out Carole Baskin for Tiger Coronavirus Case

The rapper thinks the ‘Tiger King’ star could be involved

You should know by now that Cardi B is a Joe Exotic supporter, and a big fan of the Netflix hit, Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem and Madness.

When the GRAMMY-winning star isn’t ranting about coronavirus concerns, she’s been sharing her love for the series. At one point, the “I Like It” rapper even joked about starting a GoFundMe to set the big cat keeper free from his prison sentence.

“I Stan him... Leave me alone,” she tweeted back to a fan confused by her continued comments on the show.

It seems like all our world’s are colliding, as this weekend a tiger tested positive for coronavirus at the Bronx Zoo. The Wildlife Conservation Society said in a statement, that the 4-year-old tiger named Nadia had developed “a dry cough,” but is expected to recover.

Cardi B was quick to offer up a theory on how the animal came down with coronavirus, calling out one of the stars of Tiger King as a potential culprit.

“I’ll tell you how,” Cardi commented on a post about the tiger. “CAROLE F***ING BASKIN.”

Baskin is the main foe for Joe Exotic over the course of Tiger King, and is also alleged by some of the series’ stars to have fed her husband to one of her tigers. It’s a theory that has gained so much traction, that the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office has reopened the case. Carole’s husband, Don Lewis, disappeared in 1997.

Cardi has clarified that she’s not actually launching efforts to free Joe Exoitc, but the “Bodak Yellow” rapper remains a huge fan of the show.

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