Cardi B Gifts Offset $500,000 Cash for His Birthday

Cold hard cash, out of an actual refrigerator

What do you get the Migos member who has everything? For Cardi B the answer was simple, coming through with 500,000 dollars for her husband Offset to celebrate his 28th birthday on Saturday.

“You got every car, you got every jewelry, you got every um, s*** you got everything,” Cardi B explains as the “Clout” rapper looks on. “What else can I give somebody that got everything? The fridge.”

With that, someone opens the refrigerator behind him, revealing stacks of cash piled up inside.

“You don’t got to give me this money,” Offset shares into Cardi’s camera, moved by the moment.

“I know I do got to give you the money but I don’t know what to give you, so I suppose I gotta give you something,” she laughs. “You can buy a car, you can buy more clothes,” she adds. “You can buy me more Birkin bags.”

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The money almost proved too much for Offset to hold, dropping some on the floor as he attempted to take it all from the fridge. “Don’t expect no Christmas gift,” Cardi continues.

Offset’s cash present follows the giant “Titanic Diamond” that the rapper gifted to Cardi earlier this year, as the “I Like It” singer celebrated her own 27th birthday.

Also this weekend, the couple dressed up for Diddy’s 50th birthday party celebration at his Beverly Hills mansion.

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