FANDEMIC: Cardi B on Mom Shamers, the 'Terrible Twos,' and Why She's Not Rushing Her New Album

'WAP' is now available everywhere

Cardi B’s “WAP” has arrived and the rap queen has a lot to share about the “booty bouncing” new track. During a candid conversation with RADIO.COM's Julia, Cardi delves into creating such a high energy, new song, while the world has been shut down.

Many artists have been releasing melancholy music to fit the mood of society right now, but not Cardi. Cardi is keeping our spirits lifted and serving us something different and dance-heavy. She says this song “is perfect, its like sun-kissed,” as she simultaneously manages to dole out a chef’s kiss with her stunning, signature, long nails.

The “Bartier Cardi” rapper tells us she’s been waiting for a long time to share this new record with the world and has been holding on to it tightly… even baby Kulture has not heard the new Cardi and Megan Thee Stallion collab being played throughout the house. Cardi has refrained from bumping the song too loud at home to make sure no one in her neighborhood got a sneak preview of the highly anticipated song.

We can also certainly expect a sophomore album in the future from the “Bodak Yellow” powerhouse. Cardi excitedly shares that she’s been working on the next album “for a very very long time.” She continues, “It [WAP] should definitely be part of my next album for sure for sure, but I really needed to put out a single…I waited to see where the world was going to be at with this whole quarantine and everything.”

In terms of when CB2 will arrive, we don’t have an exact date, but the #BARDIGANG leader does explain, “I really do want to wait until I am able to tour with it, but like I said you just never know.”

The upcoming album will be different than Invasion of Privacy, but Cardi assures us that the new LP will include personal pieces that reflect on her relationships just as “Be Careful” and “Thru Your Phone” do.

Cardi discusses feeling pressure as a female rapper and releasing new music. Aside from working endlessly to create a second album that will be well received, the rapper elaborates on how she gets frustrated from the speculation. “I haven’t put out a record in nine months and I have to constantly hear ‘oh her career is over, she flopped, she’s an Instagram model now,’ and it’s just like… there are certain male artists that don’t even put out music for probably a year, probably months, and nobody says that about them,” Cardi vents.

We are so thrilled that “WAP” is here because we have been craving more Cardi. Catch us with our hands folded, patiently waiting for the magic that will be CB2. We know good things take time. ​

For much more from Cardi B, including how she's handling Kulture's terrible twos, how she manages mom shamers, and the reason she's always ready with a bottle of water in the bathroom, check out the full interview above.

"WAP" is now available everywhere.

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