Cardi B Reacts as Cops Are Called to Kulture's 2nd Birthday Party

'We was too loud I gues'”

This past weekend, Cardi B and Offset, threw a lavish LOL Dolls themed birthday party for their adorable two-year-old daughter Kulture.

Looks like our invite must have gotten lost in the mail, nbd its whatever. Lucky for us Cardi took us on a walking tour of the party, so it’s kinda like we were there. Starting off at the party’s entrance was a full on coronavirus precaution station, with hand sanitizer pumps, temperature checking and customized "Kulture" face masks with a sign asking guests to wear them.

Their was a bouncy castle, cotton candy, balloons, themed cocktails for adults and even a visit from the police. Yeah, let us elaborate on that last one, apparently, the party was a little too “LITTY”, resulting in police officers stopping by the rappers' home to investigate an alleged noise complaint.

Cardi whipped out her phone again, this time to film police officers entering her home. “We was too loud I guess,” she shared in the short clip.

Ultimately, the noise complaint was resolved quickly and amicably and the festivities continued on.

Just in case your invite also got lost in the mail, check out Kulture's birthday party recap in Cardi's highlights on Instagram

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