Cardi B Shows Off the Sweet Gift Lizzo Sent Her Days After Divorce News Breaks

'Flowers for a flower!'

Cardi B definitely got it right when she said Lizzo is “the nicest person in the world.” And while there are many reasons why we think so, Cardi has one particular reason she’s sharing her Lizzo loving feelings with the world.

As we all by know by now, Cardi B is kinda going through it, as she just filed for divorce from her husband and baby daddy, Offset. Lizzo being the nice person that she is, sent Cardi a bouquet of flowers with a warm message focusing on all the good that Cardi is currently blessed with. “Flowers for a flower! Congrats on all your success this summer,” Lizzo penned in the handwritten note, and also promised to send Cardi “something good this week.”

Cardi was so touched by the thoughtful gesture she just had to share with a video of the bouquet in an Instagram story, Cardi flashed us Lizzo’s note while expressing "Look what she sent me! She is just a beautiful a** person, I just love her so much. These are so pretty!”

Cardi’s love for Lizzo isn’t anything new, Cardi recently revealed in an interview that she and Lizzo were “cool” and had been DM-ing and that she actually had hoped to feature the “Juice” singer in her “WAP” music video. Obviously, that plan didn’t work out, because as Cardi disclosed, “she was on vacation and she wasn't in town.” After we heard that plan we we’re kind of bummed, and so was Cardi, "I was like, 'Oh my gosh,' because I had a whole vision about how I want to see Lizzo and everything.”

We vote, these ladies do a collab of their own. What do you say Cardi? How about you Lizzo? You know what, we’ll just have our people call your people.

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