Chance the Rapper on Kanye Running for President: 'Can Someone Explain Why Joe Biden Would Be Better?’

The rapper shares his views on the 2020 election

After announcing his 2020 Presidential run, Kanye West has left fans and voters in a state of confusion. However, West’s announcement has Chance the Rapper wondering why the “Wash Us In The Blood” rapper wouldn’t be fit for office.

The Chicago MC took to Twitter to ask the internet “why Joe Biden would be better?” Chance also tweets, “Yall trust Biden more than y’all trust Ye. I think I understand why I just don’t feel the same way.”

With Chance’s string of tweets blowing up this morning the artist started trending on Twitter, with many responding to his initial question about Kayne being fit for the Presidency. Various replies to Chance’s tweets demonstrated support for Biden over West.

Due to his trending status on Twitter, Chance also took the opportunity to tweet about issues within the Chicago police department, “ I didn’t plan on trending today, but I would like to take this opportunity to say: with all these apologies and accountabilities going around the city of Chicago and the Chicago Police Dept should finally admit to and denounce the assassination of Fred Hampton.”

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