Check Out Kid Cudi's New Kurt Cobain Tattoo

Cudi throws it back to Cobain's look at the 1992 VMAs

Kid Cudi took to social media to show off his new ink paying tribute to one of his heroes.

Cudi displayed a brand new tattoo featuring a portrait of Kurt Cobain in his trademark sweater similar to the one he wore during Nirvana’s iconic “Unplugged” performance.

“4 Kurt and salute to Daniel,” Cudi captioned in an Instagram post. The Daniel reference in his post is to the late singer Daniel Johnston. The portrait resembles the outfit he wore during the 1992 VMAs where Cobain wore a t-shirt featuring the album art of Johnston’s 1983 album Hi, How Are You.

Cudi has a long history of showing his appreciation to Cobain writing in a 2015 tweet “never not thinkin’ about Kurt Cobain.”

Back in 2011, Kid Cudi released a video showing the Hip Hop star visiting Cobain’s prior residence and paying tribute to the icon.

“I’m obsessed with Kurt Cobain. I wish he was still here, so he could teach me guitar tricks,” Cudi wrote in a 2011 tweet.

Back in April, Kid Cudi dropped his first solo track since 2016 when he released “Leader of the Delinquents.”

The track doubles as a COVID-19 anthem with Cudi reflecting on the disconnect he feels from “fame and loneliness.”

“Same old denims, worn for days/I’ve been home makin’ jams and many wonderful waves,” he raps.

Cudi is currently working on his seventh full-length studio album called Entergalactic.

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