Diddy Says an Instagram Live 'Verzuz' Battle With Dr. Dre Is in the Works

It’s happening, or so Diddy says

Could the next Verzuz battle be between Diddy and Dr. Dre?

On Friday, Fat Joe asked the hip-hop veteran on Instagram if he would be interested in battling Dr. Dre on Verzuz, the new Instagram Live series created by mega-producers Timbaland and Swizz Beatz. Diddy certainly seemed to be up for the challenge, even sharing the two have discussed it.

“We’re definitely talking about it,” Diddy revealed. “You heard it here. You heard it here on the show.”

These battles began last month, starting with a beat battle between the founders Timbaland and Swizz Beatz. The battle went so well they turned it into an Instagram Live series, dubbed Versuz.

Since then Versuz has brought some of our favorite singers, songwriters, and producers to our tiny screens. So far there have been battles between Ne-Yo and Johnta AustinLil Jon and T-Pain, and more recently, between Babyface and Teddy Riley.

Through the course of the IG Live series, fans have been calling for a duel between some of music’s most legendary producers, and it looks like one particular hoped-for spar will go down in the near future.

Earlier this week, Swizz Beatz floated the idea of a battle between Diddy and Dr. Dre, describing the match-up as a “UFC-style Pay-Per-View” event.

"We need Dr. Dre versus P. Diddy Pay-Per-View for the culture," Swizz added. "Let’s bring the two kings in and give back to the people. This is a give back to the people.”

Watch Diddy and Fat Joe discuss the possible battle below.

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