DMX Wants a 'Verzuz' Instagram Battle With JAY-Z

Will a battle number three round out the trilogy?

By now we should all be very much aware of the internet's favorite rap battle series Verzuz. But what you might not already know is that DMX is the most recent to volunteer as tribute. And who has he sought out as his potential opposition? Oh, just JAY-Z, nbd. Kidding of course, can you sense the sarcasm? But for real, if this actually goes down, it would be absolutely EPIC.

X hopped on the Drink Champs Podcast with with N.O.R.E. and DJ Efn. At one point in the conversation he was asked who he would like to challenge in a Verzuz hit battle. DMX succinctly replied “JAY.” When asked to clarify, X snapped back “Yeah, who you think?….”

Adding, “That would be battle number 3,” referring to his and JAY’s noted rivalry. Curious? Here’s the backstory, let’s call this battle number 1. Prior to the fame, both native New York rappers linked up for a rap battle in the Bronx. Although there's footage of this battle, only Jigga's verses were filmed. The dispute stems from an unclear ruling as to who exactly won.

Coincidentally a few years later, both DMX and JAY-Z ended up getting signed to Def Jam. The two squashed their beef and even started working together as part of the rap outfit Murder Inc, with Ja Rule.

However, industry politics got in the way and things eventually went sour between X and JAY, resulting in battle number 2. With both rappers taking lyrical shots at each other over the years.

After decades of feuding, in 2016, the two appeared to have squashed the beef once more when they reunited backstage at a Beyoncé concert. Both rappers joined in a picture orchestrated by and featuring none other than DJ Khaled, resulting in one Major Key Alert.

Which brings us to “…battle number 3”, or at least the possibility of. DMX appears to think that this hit battle against JAY would be an illuminating match up, rounding out a trilogy. Given this history, we most certainly agree.

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