Drake and Post Malone Introduce Us to 'Hot Daddy Winter'

Just like “Hot Girl Summer,” but not at all
Drake and Post Malone
Photo credit Gregory Shamus / Staff, Rich Fury / Staff

“Hot Girl Summer” was one for the ages. An entire season dedicated to being us, our self-confidence rising with the temps, tempting us to be bold. We were unhandleable, and it was glorious.

Now, as the mood gets spooky and a chill creeps in, who do we turn to? How about Drake and Post Malone?

With Posty’s Runaway Tour making a stop in Drizzy’s hometown of Toronto, the two chart-stars took an opportunity to introduce us to HDW. That’s “Hot Daddy Winter.” Yes, really.

In a pair of Instagram posts, the pair dropped the phrase casually, almost sneaking by us this ridiculous new idea or brilliant new rallying cry, we’re still not sure. What exactly is “Hot Daddy Winter” and does it have the same universal appeal of “Hot Girl Summer?" We can’t be expected to properly come through and celebrate without a few guidelines. What is the reason for the season?

At this point little is known about “Hot Daddy Winter,” except maybe it involves friendly shoulder rubs and neck touches, which we’re all for if it’s consensual.
Is it the season of transparent intentions and gestures of love? Maybe, if so, we’re listening. Maybe HDW is all about windbreakers and tie-die, for that we’re also open to discussing.

Point being, you can’t just start your own season without a few ground rules. Drake and Post Malone have set the table, now it’s time to serve us something. We’ll be waiting and reading, as “Hot Nerd Fall” is still in session.

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