Drake's mom is counting down to 'Certified Lover Boy' with adorable notes to her son

Flower delivery for this Certified Mama’s Boy
Drake and Sandi Graham
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As it seems, everyone and their mom (including Drake’s) is counting down the days till Certified Lover Boy drops.

Due out this Friday September 3, in the days leading up to the album’s release, Sandi Graham has been sending flowers to her son accompanied by just about the sweetest notes signed from “Loving Mom” that will surely make you cry now, and cry later.

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On Tuesday, Drake shared a snap of the red roses his mom sent to his house that were arranged the shape of a “3.” Along with the flowers, she penned a sweet, we wanna say poem, but ehhh. See for yourself.

And as this is in fact a countdown, when Wednesday came, so did another floral arrangement. This time in the shape of a number “2,” and also included more touching words from Sandi.

And because YES! Certified Lover Boy is dropping TOMORROW!!!! As expected Drake once again received a special delivery.

Drakes IG story
Photo credit via Instagram / @champagnepapi
Drake's IG story
Photo credit via Instagram / @champagnepapi

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