E-40 says supergroup Mount Westmore has ‘four albums worth of material’ ready to go

The future is looking very, very bright
By , Audacy

Oftentimes, a supergroup is usually a one off project. What you see is what you get and while it may be great, there’s no anticipation of any future material.

That’s not the case with Mount Westmore.

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Mount Westmore, made up of Snoop Dogg, Ice Cube, Too $hort, and E-40 just dropped their first single “Big Subwoofer” as E-40 joined Audacy’s Big Mic to talk all about it.

“The reaction has been great, haven’t heard anything bad out there,” he said. “I do my research. A lot of people I hadn’t talked to in a long time hit me like, ‘Y'all did that. Y'all the soundtrack to my life man.’”

When the four of them got together, they didn’t want their music to be a throwback to the past sounds that made them famous in the first place. “We wanted to have a happy medium,” E-40 says. “It’s definitely our fan base type of music, but we’re bringing them into the new school too, right in the middle you know what I mean? Where we can all be ourselves and without going on our own jurisdiction and out of our envelope trying to do some stuff.”

E-40 then dropped some news that immediately caught our attention. “We got four albums worth of material,” he said. “We’re a group man, we’re a real group. You’re going to hear some more music very, very soon. We’re put together like the weather. It’s jamming too, we’re on the going crazy in real life.”

Four albums worth of material? Sign us up.

The video for “Big Subwoofer” is out-of-this-world. Literally. The whole concept came from Snoop Dogg, who the group was happy to let take charge on the project. “I let Snoop [Dogg] take the steering wheel on that. He brought in his directors. It was like, ‘go ahead Snoop,’” he said.

“Snoop is used to doing big budget videos. He turned into a dog before the video, so I’m like, ‘give it to Snoop, let Snoop do it!’ It came out wonderful.”

Before their conversation wrapped up, E-40 took us inside his brand new sausage line called “Goon with the Spoon” and revealed that cooking has been a lifelong passion of his.

“I’ve been cooking for quite some time and I’m self-taught and also worked in a restaurant as a teenager. Cooking is really my specialty. I really do like to cook,” he said. The inspiration for the name came from the song I Get Down he did with B-Legit where he said that line.

E-40 is planning on expanding beyond sausages too. What’s on tap? Meats, burritos, skewers, ice cream, and alcohol to start.

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