Flo Rida Teams Up With Doctor in Florida for Mobile COVID-19 Testing

We don't like it, we love it

Flo Rida is doing his namesake proud, partnering with his doctor and personally funding efforts to ramp up COVID-19 testing sites set up as Florida is in the midst of safely reopening businesses.

Flo and business partner Dr. George Tabi, together have launched a $1.5 million healthcare initiative, Asktabs Mobile Wellness Center. The goal of the collaborative venture is to get healthy individuals back to work as the state is slowly reopening. In order to properly do so, it will require a substantial amount of coronavirus testing.

Asktabs held the first round of testing just last week for The Metro Wrapz company in Miami, where 30 employees reportedly were tested. These mobile site are available to all, with the capability to test up to 1,500 patients a day with a staff of up to 14 people. However, currently the main focus is to distribute testing to businesses in order to get workers their jobs back as quickly and safely as possible. The rapper and his doctor are hopeful to expand these wellness centers across state lines, next aiming for cities around California according to TMZ.

Flo and Tabi are no strangers to the healthcare game, the two previously teamed up to launch an immune-boosting daily vitamin gummy, infused with CBD, called Jet Setter. The Jet Setter vitamin vans are currently being used to transport coronavirus testing supplies. Talk about “Good Feeling,” and Flo isn’t the only celeb doing his part to help out the home team. Beyoncé teamed up with her mother Tina to support coronavirus mobile testing relief in Bey’s hometown of Houston as part of the BEYGOOD initiative and Lawson's #IDidMyPart campaign.

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