Dr. Dre reportedly owes almost 300k a month in spousal support after divorce

Yet, this agreement is subject to change. Here's why
Nicole Young, Dr. Dre
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By , Audacy

It's been slightly over a year since Nicole Young filed for divorce from Dr. Dre after nearly 25 years of marriage. The pair did not have a prenup in place, and with the rapper reported being worth $800 million, settling on a spousal support agreement was not easy.

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Initially, Young was requesting nearly $2 million monthly and provided documents listing her lavish expenses— $135,000 a month on clothes, $20,000 a month on phone and email, $10,000 a month on laundry and cleaning, and $900,000 a month on entertainment.

However, it appears that something more reasonable has been settled on. Dre has been ordered to pay exactly $293,306.00/month on the first of each month, beginning on August 1, 2021. According to documents, the settlement will remain in place until Young "remarries or enters into a new domestic partnership" or if either party dies.

The spousal settlement, though, is temporary and the estranged pair are still negotiating their overall divorce settlement. If they decide on a lump sum payout, future monthly payments will cease.

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