Watch Justin Bieber Do His Best Drake Impression in New 'POPSTAR' Video

It couldn't 'get this big without a Bieber face'

Major Key Alert! No we mean it, this is major. Justin Bieber makes more than just a cameo in the "POPSTAR" music video.

Shot by Director X, the video starts off with DJ Khaled on mission, he wants "another one," another music video that is, for one of his newest bops with Drake. There’s just one problem, Drake’s been chillin’ in Canada, busy trying to finish his new album Certified Lover Boy, plus he isn’t allowed to leave the country (you know, quarantine). With Khaled in the US, hitting him up with a barrage of endless video calls and requests, Drake knew what he had to do, saying, "this guy’s off his rocker. I just, I don’t know what to say. It’s every waking moment that I’m alive. It’s like you give someone everything you have, and they’re just like, ‘Another one.’" So he called in a favor. Yup, he called the Biebs.

The video cuts to the "Yummy" singer waking up after what appears to be one wild night. We then follow Bieber as he lives out the stereotypical day in the life of a popstar, all while lip-synching Drake's lyrics and being followed by a foursome of lady backup dancers (seriously the whole time). House parties, fittings, eating lobster and just spending some time leaning on is extravagant cars, Justin does it all. Scooter Braun even pops in to make an appearance, and so does Bieber's tattooed chest (it’s out the whole video).

The end of the video seems to end just as it began with a morning-after scene, however not quite, Bieber suddenly wakes up in a calm house next to his wife, Hailey Bieber. He tells her about the wild dream he just had, where Drake asked him to film a music video for him. As the Biebers start their morning by taking their dog Oscar for a morning walk, the pop star’s phone rings ("Baby" is his ringtone of course), as he looks down to see who the call is from, guess who’s name appears, you guessed it, Drake.

Look, we’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again, Drake has developed a formula for his music videos that includes the perfect mix of enviable destinations, extravagance and satire. Even though he wasn’t entirely present and accounted for all of this one, it didn’t stop him from blessing us with “another one.” Check out the video for "POPSTAR" above. No really, do it, it’s great.

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