Kanye West Files Trademark for Yeezy Body Glitter, Bath Crystals, and More

Expand the brand

It’s no secret Kanye West is out for world domination. Whether you think he’s completely mad or the GOAT, he’s made it clear it makes no difference to him.

Already making his mark in both the music and fashion industries, Ye has no intention of stopping there. Speaking of mark, earlier this month West filed a new trademark with the United States Patent and Trademark Office for a host of new products under the name of his luxury streetwear brand Yeezy.

Some of these new products include; makeup and fragrances; skin, hair and nail care products; face and body glitter; baby wipes; and hair removal cream. In addition, the potential new line may include wellness items such as scented ceramic stones, aromatherapy pillows, essential oils, bath crystals and scented pine cones.

Yes, you heard us, Kanye plans to create himself a Beauty and Lifestyle empire, so step aside Kylie, Kim and Kourtney.

And for those who plan on coming for Kanye on this one, you might want to press pause. In case you forgot, or just simply didn’t know, Kanye shared an organizational chart for the many markets he planned and still plans to venture into, way back in 2016. Even stating in a since deleted tweet that he organized the chart 4 years prior.

The chart is quite ambitious, but we wouldn’t expect anything less from Kanye. Including plans for amusement parks, video games and even a credit cards reward program. Transportation as in cars, airplanes, yachts and motorbikes and more. Hospitality, in which he'd have a hand in the hotel and restaurant as well as spas and salons. Even setting goals to venture into alternative energy sources and protective services.

So now that we know Kanye’s plans to take over the world,  we wonder which category of influence he’ll choose as his next endeavor…

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