Kirsten Dunst Wonders Why She's a Part of Kanye West’s ‘2020 Vision’ Campaign Poster

Ye draws celebrity inspiration for his latest campaign apparel

Kirsten Dunst reacted as any reasonable person might after Kanye West tweeted a political vision board that included a picture of the actress.

“What’s the message here, and why am I part of it?,” Dunst replied, pictured in the top-center square. West’s Warhol-esq election poster follows the artist’s bizarre 2020 “Birthday Party” presidential campaign. The long rectangular poster features color saturated squares, alternating with seemingly random photos of people (including Dunst) and campaign slogan icons reading “Kanye 2020 Vision.”

Ye’s fan base could draw relevance to Kirsten’s inclusion on the poster from her brief role in the 1997 political comedy Wag the Dog, where a Hollywood producer uses film to fabricate a war, and cover up a Presidential sex scandal. Then again, it’s Kanye West. He might have just found her picture on Google Images.

The post is just another item promoting Kanye’s race to the White House. Earlier this month, he posted a t-shirt featuring the slogan “Kanye 2020 Vision.”

West has been busy campaigning in unconventional ways. The entrepreneur recently tweeted photos of mustachioed talk show host, Steve Harvey enjoying fried chicken sandwiches, at a Georgia Chik-fil-A.

Fast forward 20 hours to an apparent board meeting. Ye posted a picture of various people discussing cryptic plans strewn across a whiteboard. “THIS IS A GOD DREAM,” Kanye tweeted. Turn your attention to the bottom right hand corner and it looks like he made that Chik-fil-A order to-go.

West also recently restarted his Sunday Service series beside wife Kim Kardashian West on their $14 million Wyoming ranch.

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