Kodak Black sues Federal Bureau of Prisons after 'gang beating' and abuse by guards: Report

The suit alleges verbal, physical and spiritual abuse against the artist

Kodak Black says in a new lawsuit, guards at a Kentucky federal prison have mentally and physically abused the rapper during his stint at Big Sandy, a maximum security prison.

He’s suing the Federal Bureau of Prisons and Sandy’s warden for torture, including an incident where guards allegedly ganged up on Black and attacked him. The rapper also claims to be superfluously punished.

Allegations include wearing a backless paper gown for six hours on a 4-point restraint with no access to a bathroom. Kodak claims the incident resulted with him urinating and defecating on himself.

The suit also details being denied access to a rabbi, as Kodak is a practicing Hebrew. Back in May, representatives for Kodak detailed the abuse in a series of tweets, from his handle.

“They refuse to give him credit for that time. Friday night he was badly beaten while in cuffs, by 7 guards at Big Sandy KY. They struck him in the head repeatedly with a metal object,” one of the messages reads.

Black is currently serving a four-year sentence on federal weapons charges. Back in 2019, he admitted to lying on a background check while buying firearms. Police arrested the artist as he attempted to take the stage during a Miami concert.

It’s another item in a dark history for the rapper. Police arrested him in 2018 for violating his probation, and he remains under indictment on 2016 charges of criminal sexual conduct.

Reports suggest Black is asking to be moved to a lower-security.

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