Listen as Destiny's Child reunites in a group chat to talk mental health, and soup

This is the closest we'll ever get to the DC3 group chat
Michelle Williams, Kelly Rowland, Beyoncé
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If you were wondering what a 20 year friendship and sisterhood looks like for one of the top girl groups of all time, thank Michelle Williams for blessing the masses with a sneak peek.

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The singer released her book, Checking In, recently and decided to show us what it's like to "check in" with her closest friends, Beyoncé and Kelly Rowland. In what seems like the audio from a group Facetime, the women of Destiny's Child discussed recent plans, what's they're cooking up and much more. However, the most important part is that this is the reunion we've been waiting for. Not to mention, how refreshing it is to hear the women in a day-to-day aspect.

Kelly excitedly stated, "we're so proud of you, Mimi!" Bey chimed in with, "you are so inspirational for both of us and we just love watching you become exactly who you are and for the world to see your impact, your wisdom and your beautiful advice [...] and we're just so proud of you."

In another snippet, Michelle mentioned that the pandemic has led to being more intentional about checking in because "folks have been checking out." While Kelly has been making "chicken and rice soup," Bey has been cooking up some "musical soup." In her rare form, Bey freestyles, "I'm cooking some music. That's Chef Boyar-Bey and Chef Boyar-Kelly. You know I'm editing that s*** out [...] on my ones and twos." Michelle hilariously replied, "Hov in the Hall of Fame, but his wife got bars."

In the final check-in of the evening, Bey asked Michelle what she hopes people will gain her book. Michelle replied, "it's okay to not be okay and it's okay to tell somebody you're not okay because I, honestly, should have done that with y'all."

As the women chimed in with verbal support, she continued, "I've been open about a lot of things, but I've never been really truthful about how I really was, even though y'all have proven to be safe friends..." Kelly expressed, "I think that also people should know that along with friendships, there is humility and you have to allow yourself to hold a safe place and a safe space for all friendships to be able to check in. It's a blessing to be able to have that [...] I think that's the greatest thing that Destiny's Child has ever given me is my friendship for you, ladies. "

Bey echoed Kelly's sentiments and stated, "And I just know Kelly and I feel so honored that we are now your safe place where you can express any and everything and we know that you are that for us. And you've always been that for us. So, we're just happy to be along this journey and happy to witness the birth in your new chapter." The full clips can be played above, but the question on everyone's hearts and minds is when is the Destiny's Child podcast coming because we need it ASAP.

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