Mary J. Blige on Time Off, Sun Goddess Wines and What BET Means to Her

Big Tigger talks with the icon

On Monday, Big Tigger from RADIO.COM and V-103 caught up with Mary J. Blige, and the two covered everything from life during quarantine to her new collection of wine.

After one immaculate introduction for “the icon, the legend, Ms. Mary J Blige,” Tigger started things off by checking in, asking Blige how’s she’s been; “none of us have ever gone through anything remotely like this,” referring to the COVID-19 pandemic and having to remain in quarantine.

Mary confessed, “I kinda needed a break, I’d been working non-stop, I’d just been going and going, so I kinda needed to just rest and not do anything.” Revealing that the hardest part of it all for her was not being able to see her mom and family, but that it was “something that I think everyone probably needed, a freeze, to self reflect… rest our minds, rest our spirits and see what’s really good with us.

Even though Mary has been using these last few months to take a much deserved and needed break, it hasn’t all been rest and relaxation. Blige has been keeping busy preparing for the launch of her newest project, Sun Goddess Wines. The limited-edition collection, in collaboration with the Fantinel Winery, features two new wines: an Italian Pinot Grigio Ramato (rosé) and Sauvignon Blanc.

The collaboration came about while Mary was hanging out with her friend Maxwell and a few others, including Marco Fantinel, the owner of the Fanitel Winery. Marco had noticed that Mary had only been drinking white wine the entire night and asked her if she would be interested in a collaboration. Mary answered him with no hesitation, “I said absolutely, I didn’t even blink about it… it was a no brainer to do it because I love white wines and I love rosés as well.”

And it’s true, her love for white wine runs deep. Mary let Tigger know that she plans on sharing the journey of her wine creation process, “I’m going to post pictures of me in Italy, and there’s pictures of me in the vineyards… and picking the grapes,” asserting to Tigger “when I’m in… I'm really it,” and even jokingly admitted to taste testing the wine every single day.

Tigger concluded the wine talk with one final question, “Why should I try Mary J Blige’s Wine?” Mary’s answer was succinct and straight to the point, “because it’s delicious... and tastes real good.”

The two continued on and briefly talked about the virtual 2020 BET Awards that went down just the night before, and then began reminiscing about Mary’s epic performance from the previous year, when she received the Lifetime Achievement Award. Tigger even went as far back as 20 years, referencing an image of Blige attending and accepting an award at the very first BET Awards.

Mary reflected on the importance of the award show and what’s it’s meant to her over the last two decades. “They give everyone a chance to celebrate their success, and their legacy and their history… young artists, new artists… they just celebrate everyone the same way… I’m proud of it, I’m proud of how BET gives us a platform to just do us.”

Whether it’s having fun “up in this dancerie” to her music or adding Sun Goddess wine to our virtual shopping cart, whatever Mary J. does, we're here for it all.

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