Megan Thee Stallion's powerful new video answers 'what it means to be a woman of color'

The rapper's powerful new video calls out continual hypocrisies

In partnership with New York Times Opinion, Megan Thee Stallion has collaborated with women of color of all backgrounds to create a video that answers the question, “what does it mean to be a woman of color?”

Throughout the one minute and twenty-three-second short film Meg speaks about the collective experiences of women of color, with a particular focus on the shortcomings that women of color experience due to societal standards.

The visual piece depicts women of all backgrounds. We see transgender women represented in the short film, Muslim women, and women of all ages throughout the video.

Meg’s “Girls in the Hood” Eazy-E sample flows as the rapper begins to explain the pressures, hypocrisies, and challenges that women of color face. Megan recites, “Being murdered, beaten, abused, then questioned if she evokes all of it. Is left out on the street, but becomes the flower that grows from the concrete. She marches for everyone else, riots for everyone else, dies for everyone else. She loves everyone else. Lives for everyone else. But when it comes to down to her, there ain’t a mother f***** in sight.”

On Instagram, the Houston native shared the new video and writes in her caption, “this piece really means a lot to me and I hope it touches everyone.” Meg continues, “I will never bite my tongue, I will never allow anyone to silence me, I will never be scared to stand up for myself and others, and I DAMN SURE WILL NEVER BE SCARED TO BE MY TRUE AUTHENTIC STRONG BLACK SELF. thank you @nytopinion for the platform and thank you to all the beautiful women involved.”

The influential star calls out the preposterous double standards that women of color continue to face. Megan does not demand more in the short film, but by laying out all these undeniable truths, one cannot simply walk away from viewing this piece without feeling that we collectively need to do better for women of color.

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