Method Man and Ice Cube Set to Play Highest Concert in History

Smoking up Red Rocks on 4/20

There’s about to be a Funyuns shortage in Colorado.

An annual celebration at Red Rocks Amphitheatre featuring Method Man and Redman is set to reach new heights in 2020. The How High stars are scheduled to perform in the legendary space on April 20, 2020, sending 420 to unimaginable levels only dreamed about, or debated on couches.

Really, if you were going to build a concert for the cannabis connoisseur, bringing two of Hip Hop’s most notorious tokers to the legalized land of Colorado on the smokiest of holidays with a few extra 20s for good measure sounds like the perfect fit. But bro, you want more? How about the iconic Ice Cube and Action Bronson rounding out and rolling up the evening? It all combines for the highest concert in history.

The concert also promises special guests. Has anyone checked the calendar of Snoop Dogg or Wiz Khalifa? They are the only ones who might be able to up the intake on a night like this in Morrison, Colorado.

Method Man and Redman have been performing on the eve of 420 at Red Rocks for the last few years, joined last year by 311. Ice Cube previously played at the landmark in 2018. The entire Wu-Tang Clan took the stage at Red Rocks on Halloween.

Tickets for 420 On the Rocks are available now.

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