Nas is set to teach a masterclass in Hip Hop storytelling

Learn from one of the best
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If you’ve ever wanted to hone your skills and jump head first as a musician into the world of Hip Hop, why not learn from a legend?

Nas teamed up with MasterClass to create a 12-part series where he breaks down the art of storytelling, learning how to construct your own original works, and how to master the recording process.

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“It’s all about giving you what you need in chapters, increments, and giving you the vibe,” Nas told Complex.

“It’s sort of hard to break it down, so those different classes and different steps make the most sense to me. That’s how I would like to receive it from an artist, so I thought that that’s the way for the person that’s watching it to give them the time to soak it in, each one piece-by-piece. I break it down piece-by-piece, and each piece is different. Each piece gives you more of my life. A lot of it is about my life journey.”

The idea of teaching others his craft has long been on Nas’ mind. “I’m always trying to learn something different about music,” he said.

“Since I was a kid, I was looking up Motown. Berry Gordy owns Motown. What type of person is he? What makes him tick? I wanted to know how a lot of things work in music—not just the business side, it was definitely the music side, too. I wanted to be in the music business and also be able to help people who are trying to get in.”

Accompanying the announcement of his MasterClass series, Nas and his frequent collaborator Hit-Boy dropped a brand new track called “Big Nas.”

The song also serves as a tribute to the late DMX as he raps “I hear my callin’, heart poundin’ down my chest/Wish I could bring back X, God bless.”

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