Nipsey Hussle Featured on Latest Song From Big Sean

Will feature on ‘Detroit 2’ out September 4

Big Sean just dropped some big album news, and a new single. The Detroit rapper announced the release date of his highly anticipated album Detroit 2, set for September 4. A few hours later, Sean gave us a preview of what to expect with his first single off the LP, “Deep Reverence,” featuring the late Nipsey Hussle.

The Hit-Boy produced track, starts off ominous and full of synth, the beat drops and Nipsey comes in hitting hard, “F*** rap, I’m a street legend, block love me with a deep reverence.” The two continue to drop verses about goals and what’s really important, breaking the mold and making something of themselves, while still supporting their cities and communities.

On Sean verse he raps, “and I got pressure on me/ Seven days a week, it's game seven on me/ Life'll test you out, you live through that, that's testimony/Givin’ them hell, but how in the hell I got all these blessings on me?”

Detroit 2 is the long awaited follow up to Sean’s fourth mixtape Detroit released back in September of 2012. Big Sean released a 5th album announcement back in March - yup that’s how long we’ve known and been waiting. In the video announcement Sean goes on to say, “I’ve been going back listening to music that impacted me growing up, you know, songs I hear on the radio every day but I didn’t even realize was only popping in Detroit.” He continues, “it feels like a whole new energy in the city, you know? It’s inspiring to watch — to the point it inspired me to go harder than ever. It’s like the phoenix rising out the ashes.”

September 4 is just around the corner, so until then fill the Big Sean void in our hearts and ears with his latest single “Deep Reverence” on repeat and start the countdown in three, two, one.

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