Only Post Malone Could Get a Tattoo During a Dentist Appointment

Ice on the teeth, ink underneath...

Post Malone took efficiency to a whole new level, after images posted to Instagram show the artist getting a new leg tattoo while visiting the dentist.

Celebrity dentist Dr. Thomas Connelly posted pictures of the “Wow.” artist captioning, “Epic work going down on the legend @postmalone ..... wait for it .........” While needles ink what looks to be Malone’s inner thigh, dentists are no doubt prepping tools to service Post’s chromed out mouth igloo.

The tattoo artist during that session posted the same photo to IG, captioning “@postmalone thank you so much for your trust, the first time in the world that this is done! In the operating room working hand in hand with @connellydds ❤️ more news soon!”

Unfortunately, Malone hasn’t posted anything about the dual session. But we’re sure he won’t disappoint given the track record of colorful teeth.

He’s known for extravagant dental work which includes a bedazzled pink grill reflecting a day-glow bubble gum shine.

To say Post Malone has been busy with eccentric projects during the coronavirus pandemic would be a serious understatement. He shaved his head to make room for a massive skeleton tattoo, launched a signature rosé wine that sold 50,000 bottles within two days of launch and filed trademark for a new beer pong league.

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