Watch our RADIO.COM LIVE Check In with Silk Sonic featuring Bruno Mars and Anderson .Paak

The coming together of Silk Sonic represents Bruno and Anderson's 'dream concert'

In late February, Anderson .Paak and Bruno Mars shook fans to their core with an announcement of epic portions.

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The two megastars shared that they have come together to form a new funk band by the name of Silk Sonic. With an album already recorded and special involvement from the legendary, Bootsy Collins, the group’s first track debuted today.

On the heels of Silk Sonic’s debut, Anderson and Bruno filled us in on what we can expect from the new duo during a RADIO.COM LIVE Check in with Julia.

For Mars, this will be the artist’s first new body of work since he debuted his solid gold success, 24k Magic in 2016. As for .Paak, the artist dropped his single “JEWELZ” in 2020, but the Silk Sonic album will be his first full-length project since the release of his 2019 studio album, Ventura.

With mimosas in hand, Bruno and Anderson tell us about the conception of Silk Sonic telling us that Boosty was the one that came up with the name for the dynamic duo. From throwing names around like “RoboCop Funk” and “Turkish Gold,” Anderson says, “Bootsy kind of came in and was like ‘nah.’”

When asked about how the two decided to come together, Mars tells us, “I think we come from the same background of live entertainment, Andy being a drummer performing live, and me singing live my whole life… and now being in the studio together we share that love for music and share the same inspirations…”

It’s obvious that the artists have a chemistry that melds together both as friends and as collaborators. Throughout their interview, the Silk Sonic members are feisty, witty, and constantly bouncing jokes off one another. Their bond is infectious and signifies that we are in for a new album that amplifies Bruno and Anderson’s strong proclivity towards each other.

We are being introduced to Silk Sonic’s sound with their first single, “Leave The Door Open,” which Anderson describes as “a statement piece.” He adds, “when we got together we were like ‘what’s the song that kind of puts everything on the table and kind of wraps up the whole vibe that we’re going for, and what’s the one that we could really take a chance on?’…I don’t think there’s anything like it right now.”

Additionally, Bruno shares that he and .Paak have been working hard to bring a live element back to music, and that while the new track is extremely ambitious, the single best represents their efforts. “It's got groove changes, and modulations, we’re trying to sing our asses off and you know, we want people to feel it,” muses the “24K Magic” singer.

In some ways, Silk Sonic is a passion project for Anderson and Bruno, that fans get to reap the benefits of.

The “Make It Better” artist says, “We’ve been making music for so long, you know both of us got albums, and we’ve done tours, and we’ve worked with so many people, we’re still trying to impress ourselves and we’re still trying to make it fun for us, still stay inspired.” Both singers follow up to Anderson’s insightful comments by clinking their mimosa glasses and smiling as if to pat themselves on the back.

Bruno lays out how they achieved a type of sonic unity and meeting of the minds and shares, “you kind of just know, that’s the beauty about creating music is that when it’s happening, when the magic hits,” he pauses and turns to Anderson and asks, “whats Quincy Jones say? ‘You gotta let God in the room’… everybody feels it. You know, and that’s it. Everyone is like don’t move, just keep going.”

As recording artists, Bruno explains that finding that magic moment becomes addicting, and when writing and recording a song there is a constant chasing of that particularly godly feeling.

The album is titled An Evening with Silk Sonic and is a response to not being able to perform live throughout 2020 and into 2021. .Paak jokes “it’s the setlist of doom… we can’t really do shows right now but we put on a damn show in that studio.”

Boosty Collins will serve as the “host” of An Evening with Silk Sonic, where Bruno and Anderson have made sure to include all the details and flourishes that a listener would really get to imbibe during a live show.

“It’s like our dream concert,” smiles Mars. He continues, “if me and Andy were to get together on a stage what would it look like? What would it feel like? What would it sound like? Who would host it? That’s what we’re putting together.”

With the fanfare already bubbling over for the new groovy act, the two singers have been teasing visuals that we can expect from Silk Sonic across their Instagram profiles. Clad in Lacoste tracksuits, and paying homage to 1970s inspired funk and R&B aesthetics the two artists are living and dressing in the way in which they’d want their show visually represented.