Watch Roxanne Shanté honor a pact she and Biz Markie made as teenagers about death

'Word is bond'
Roxanne Shanté, Biz Markie
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When news broke that Hip Hop legend, Biz Markie, passed away, fans and loved ones were truly mourning the unthinkable loss. Today (Aug. 2), the rapper was honored in a celebration of life memorial. Artists like Fat Joe and Ice-T paid their respects while Montell Jordan and Al B. Sure took the stage to say a few words about how they will memorialize Biz.

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One rapper, though, whose tribute touched every heart and mind in attendance was Roxanne Shanté. Biz got his start as her beatboxer during the mid-late '80s and both were coveted members of the Juice Crew. BET describes the collective as "one of the most influential and respected movements to ever sweep through hip hop." The crew was founded by the iconic Marley Marl and DJ Mr. Magic during rap's Golden Era.

So when she took the mic during the memorial service to honor some "promises," the room went erupted in applause. "When I tell you that I didn't know where to begin, I never thought I would see this day," she began. Shanté recounted their teenage years as their careers began to skyrocket and they toured often, but would head out to a 24-hour movie theater when possible.

One night, they went to see "36 Chambers and a Bruce Lee movie." She'd asked him his thoughts and he expressed, "when I die, I want you to do like this. I would like for you to run in and dive in on my casket screaming 'Teacher, Teacher why'd you leave me?'" and he would, in turn, act out the scene from 36 Chambers. He, then, requested the reverse.

With today being his funeral, Shanté began to prepare for the moment. Her family was shocked that she was actually honoring the request. To which she responded, "let me tell you one thing about the Juice Crew, about my era— your word is everything. No matter how popular we got [...] or whatever the case may be, I remember Biz always used to say 'word is bond.'"

With a stolen hotel sheet, she tearfully turned to her "brother" and stated, "you have done well. And you have left me one of the things you that loved the most. One of your most prized possessions you have left me with and I appreciate it and that's Cut Master Cool V. Rest in peace, my brother." Check out the full memorial, honoring the life and legacy of Biz Markie here.

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