Snoop Dogg Shares Why Lil Wayne 'Deserves' to Be in 'Verzuz' Battle

Letting it be known that it's time for the GOAT to have his turn

If you aren’t familiar with the Verzuz battles that having been going down on Instagram since the beginning of quarantine, then congratulations, somehow you’ve managed to miss out on one the biggest trends in Hip Hop this year.

That’s okay, we won’t hold it against you. But if you haven’t familiarized yourself, then you definitely haven’t been coming up with battle match-ups in your head like we have.

On Friday, Snoop Dogg sat down with Lil Wayne for the latest installment of Young Money Radio, and asked Tunechi directly the question we have all been wondering.

“That Verzuz battle, when they gon’ get you in there?” Snoop asked. “You the young GOAT! You birthed the second generation of rappers. You deserve to be in the race.”

Wayne played it off, saying, “If they start me, they ain’t gon’ stop me. They gon’ have to ring the bell, ‘Tune stop!’ I can’t stop.”

Both acknowledged that Wayne has been in the game for a hot minute, well over three decades. Initially signing with Cash Money Records as a pre-teen. Snoop even compared Weezy to his favorite basketball player, the late great Kobe Bryant.

“Kobe played half his life in basketball,” Snoop told Wayne. “Half your life been in rapping. I just wanna see you in there because I love what you do and I love what you bring to the table. You the young GOAT, you understand me? A lot of people say that they GOATs, but they not GOATs.”

The Doggfather continued on with praise, “when you did what you did, and you birth a nation? You birth a nation of rappers that are emulate of who you are. All the ‘lil this, lil that, young this’ them yo’ babies. I birthed the gangsta s***; you birthed this s***.”

Since it’s takeoff in mid-March, Verzuz has brought in astonishing viewership records and matched up some incredible artists, including battles between Nelly and LudacrisBeenie Man and Bounty KillerJill Scott versus Erykah Badu and Babyface versus Teddy Riley.

The next two artist to go head to head has yet to be announced. But Snoop has made his suggestions loud and clear. He wants Tunechi to have his moment, and as for who he thinks he should go up against. “To me, it would be Snoop versus JAY-Z,” Snoop told Fat Joe on Instagram Live last month. “Because he has been the king of New York around the time I was the King of the West.”

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