Here Are All the Surprise Appearances From Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion's 'WAP' Video

Can you handle this?

Bardi Gang, the wait is over, Cardi B is back, and to say she showed out would be putting it lightly. On Thursday evening she made her anticipated return, with hottie Megan Thee Stallion in tow, with her newest single “WAP,” and as to be expected it’s a bop and a half.

According to the tracks' official press release we were reminded that the Ayo & Keyz produced track, “marks Cardi’s first release since her 2019 platinum certified single ‘Press.’” And what an epic return for real, when the single cover art dropped, the sheer suggestion of these two on the same track had us reeling, and boy did we get a whole lot more than we expected.

Along with the release of the single, the ladies dropped the music video for the twerk-inducing song. Set within a luxurious gated mansion, fitted with its own custom fountain featuring two bootylicious statuettes, the ladies roam the colorful halls adorned with NSFW sculptures, taking turns twerking in each room, making the lyrics “certified freak, seven days a week,” really hit home - not that we needed any convincing.

With each scene change Cardi and Meg gave us sexy Willy Wonka vibes, if that’s even possible - hey, if anyone could, it’d be these two. And that’s not all they gave us. Mid-way through the song, during a brief interlude at exactly one minute and forty seconds, appeared a leopard clad bodacious beauty that had us literally shivering with antic… ipation. When the reveal gave us Kylie Jenner, we actually gasped. As she sauntered down the hall and into a room to go chill with some leopards, we finally regained our composure as the song resumed.

Still recovering from the Kylie of it all, the ladies kept the risqué entertainment coming, each accompanied by an array of exotic animals and a dance break in the most shallow of pools. Oh and and in case ya’ll were wondering, they can both do the splits. And then, again, like a familiar friend, at three minutes and twenty four seconds, another interlude, but this time we got Normani! And the surprise appearances kept coming - Rosalía, Rubi Rose, Sukihana and Mulatto all showed up for a "wapping" good time.

Brava ladies, really. If you haven’t peeped the video yet, it’s a must see. Check it out above. We’ve already watched it ten times ourselves… this morning.

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