Teyana Taylor brought to tears by Elton John's praise

Emotions pour out as the singer talks about her collaboration with Rocket Man

Teyana Taylor let the feels sink in and tears run during her Instagram Live conversation with piano legend Elton John, as the duo promoted her latest music video for the single “Lose Each Other.”

“You were just so kind and easy going,” the singer emoted to Elton, as tears ran down her cheeks. “I really appreciate you.” Taylor directed the project featuring the "Rocket Man" star working keys to the harmony of Teyana’s love sick lyrics. Passionate choreography displays the singer interlocking embrace with her dance partner. The video’s simplicity lends to its power.

Elton expressed his admiration for Taylor during their IG chat. He says the project represented his generational duty to new artists. “My job as an older performer and aging artist is to support people like you who are just starting out and making fantastic music.”

“I’m so proud of you. I’m not really a fan of music videos, normally, but this one is a work of art and I’m so pleased to be a part of it,” Elton said.

Those words tugged on Teyana’s heart strings. “To hear from the actual legends, the ones that matter, really, really means a lot,” she commented as tears welled in her eyes.

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The single anchors her third studio album, The Album, which she released in June. It wasn’t Teyana’s only big life event of 2020. She and husband Iman Shumpert welcomed her second child into the world back in September.

This is the couple's second daughter, as the Brooklyn Nets star went on to celebrating being a true girl dad, "A little sister. Another daughter. Black love wins. Welcome babygirl... we love you!"

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