The Cardi B and Offset kiss that has fans thinking the divorce is off

The couple took over Las Vegas this weekend

Cardi B just rang in her 28th birthday with a big ‘ole bash in Las Vegas. To no surprise the lavish event was over the top and extravagant, with high-profile guests in attendance, including Kylie Jenner and her “WAP” collaborator Megan Thee Stallion.

However, what did catch us by surprise was the presence of Cardi’s baby daddy Offset and the impromptu and very public make out sesh between the two. Scandalous! You could possibly blame it on the juice, but we’ll go ahead and say it had something to do with that Rolls Royce Cullinan he gifted her.

We know what you’re thinking, wait, didn’t Cardi file for divorce a month ago? Well, nothing a custom pimped out ride can’t fix, at least for one night, because the duo looked about as un-separated as two people can get. Offset seemed quite smitten by the whole exchange, and we can’t blame him, check it out for yourself in the video below.

The evenings’ festivities looked lit AF, with Cardi and her crew starting things off at the club, and ending things with a select few at hotel after party, that continued until the sun came up.

Oh and we almost forgot, before their arrival into sin city, Offset made sure to tug at Cardi’s heartstrings, while making his intentions for the weekend very clear and about 14 feet high with a custom billboard. The birthday girl took to Instagram on Saturday morning to show off the pretty and pink display that read. "Happy birthday mommy, Love, Kulture.”

Look we know “Cardi don’t need more press,” but when you kiss your maybe soon to be ex-husband, we’re gonna talk about it. So whether that Rolls Royce comes with a side of reconciliation or not, we’re here for Cardi’s happiness, whatever the outcome may be.

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