Travis Scott Takes Over Fortnite and Teams With Kid Cudi for New Song

Scott's first Fortnite concert was 'Astronomical'

Travis Scott kicked off his Fortnite headlining in-game Astronomical concert series Thursday night, and as expected it did not disappoint.

Beating the previous Fortnite music event with Marshmello in February 2019, which attracted more than 10 million viewers, Travis drew in a virtual crowd of over 12 million. With many more expected to have viewed through streaming platforms such as Twitch and YouTube, it was a giant success for the artist.

Scott and Fortnite developer Epic Games announced the event earlier this week. Fans were instructed to enter the game at 6.30PM ET to secure a place on the game’s servers before the 7PM start time.

As show time approached players gathered in front of a virtual stage. Gazing as strange planet-like object hovered towards them on a circular screen. Scott kicked off the performance with "SICKO MODE" during which the set exploded and Scott appeared as a giant, striding over the Fortnite landscape. Remaining on-brand, limited emote options were provided to use during the show; choices included head banging, pointing up, or raging out with a fiery microphone.

As the tracks switched up, so did the visuals. Next on the set list "STARGAZING," where everything was on fire, including a rollercoaster. Followed up by "goosebumps," the fiery landscape disintegrated while Travis engulfed by lightning began morphing and glitching - the virtual world began transforming into a neon, psychedelic, rainbow dream. If you’ve been to one of Travis’s concerts IRL you would expect nothing less.

When “HIGHEST IN THE ROOM” came on, the crowd was transported to an underwater world, where they could swim around accompanied by a colossal jellyfish and giant ‘astro’man. The 12-minute performance ended with a teaser of the new track, "THE SCOTTS" a collaboration with rapper Kid Cudi.

The track dropped in full at midnight, listen below.

If you’re feeling some type of way because you didn’t have a chance to check out the surreal experience last night, consider your FOMO cured. There are still opportunities to check out the event within Fortnite. Further performances are set to take place Friday and Saturday. Check out the remaining concert schedule. Epic Games recommends fans join 30 minutes before the scheduled shows.

•   April 24th: EU & ME, 10AM ET
•   April 25th: Asia & Oceania, 12AM ET
•   April 25th: EU & ME, 11AM ET
•   April 25th: The Americas, 6PM ET

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