Trey Songz Goes Home to Host Black Lives Matter Weekend

A three-day weekend celebration

Petersburg, Virginia native and singer Trey Songz sponsored a three-day event in support of the Black Lives Matter Movement in Richmond and Petersburg this past weekend.

Songz was originally approached by GRAMMY-winning musicians Pusha T and Tony Draper, as well as former NBA star Ricky Davis, to participate in the Feed Your City Challenge - a challenge dedicated to collecting groceries and essential PPE supplies for community members through non-contact drive-thru lanes.

However, given the ongoing social injustice and current climate of the nation, Songz chose to expand the challenge into a full weekend of Black Lives Matter events. Mike Street, Program Director of 106.5 The Beat was there right alongside Trey all weekend long to capture all the inspirational and historical moments.

On Friday in celebration of Juneteenth, community members from all around Central Virginia joined together in unity at the Robert E. Lee Monument for a candlelight vigil and march against police brutality.

Trey took the opportunity and spoke about his frustrations and fears and about what he hopes his events bring to the community.

“I know a brother, he’s 17 years old, he said he’s tired. I’m twice his age and I’m tired, my grand-daddy was tired before he passed.” Songz’ admitted the turmoil of dealing with current racial injustice has led him to get mad, shed tears and loose his appetite. He continued, “they’re hurting my soul… I can’t sleep sometimes… I’m scared for my son. This could be any one of us, any given day. They’re taking our lives as if they can and keep walking… Keep living their life, go home to their families after they take one of ours. I ain’t going… We not going for that,” Trey cried out as the crowd applauded.

On Saturday, the Feed Your City food drive was held in St, Petersburg, VA to help feed community members impacted by COVID-19.

Songs once again took the opportunity to say a few words. He thanked Pusha T and Tony Draper for pushing him to action, as well as the Ricky Davis Foundation “for helping come to life.” He then proceeded to speak on the love he has for his city. “This city has shown me so much, taught me so much, I was born and raised here. I was taught to love here, I was taught to protect my Black women here, I was taught to be here for my Black brothers here, so that’s what we’re doing here today.”

Trey persisted this time speaking to the youth listening, wanting to encourage them that “anything is possible” and that “anything they say is impossible, is possible.” Expressing,“everything they say you cant do is probably because they didn’t do it themselves,” and that “once you do accomplish what you set out to do, you go give back to the ones that helped you become who you are, because that’s always gonna be a part of you.”

Trey assured all who were in attendance that that is exactly what he came there to do. “This city needs me, here, now, and I will be here.”

Sunday brought on the Father’s Day BLM Bike Ride in partnership with Urban Cycling Group, capping off the three-day holiday weekend of events. Songz thanked all in attendance, “We gon’ ride and we gon’ ride for a cause…and I wanna thank all ya’ll for coming out and we gon’ ride and enjoy ourselves.”

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