TikToker sends Twitter into tailspin with unfounded Kanye West and Jeffree Star scandal story

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Jeffree Star
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With everything going on in the world over the last few days, weeks, and months -- it may have slipped past you that there's speculation going on at the moment regarding the fate of Kanye West and Kim Kardashian's marriage.

Just yesterday reports surfaced that remain unconfirmed that Kim is apparently preparing divorce papers and Ye "knows that she’s done," according to a source. "She has had enough, and she told him that she wants some space to figure out her future."

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Checking your timeline this morning may have had you feeling a little like this user below, and for good reason.

OK, here we go: A video from popular TikTok influencer Ava Louise has been making the rounds in which she claims without proof that Kanye has allegedly been sleeping with a male beauty guru "known in the scene for a while." The clip is captioned as such: "i can’t say WHO cuz he’ll sue me hint hint but it’s part of the reason Kanye’s so religious now it’s his self hatred .... my source is legit I promiss."

Of course, a disclaimer was provided in a second post by Ava which states, "This is alleged and I was told by a source – a very good one." Her source? In the comments she provided an "answer." "My friend is a big lawyer in LA and met with Kim months ago and was told all of this given evidence. I want to drop receipts but I can’t," says Ava.

Another post, shared by Ava, breaks down the unsubstantiated rumor and adds some location data to the mix.

This has led to rampant speculation on the internet, with many fingers pointing to celebrity makeup artist Jeffree Star, fuelled by Ava's approval of comments naming him. While this has some fans dismissing her testimonial altogether, and some are hunkering down for the long haul.

While the memes and deliberation over this story will certainly continue, we can only wish for a positive outcome for everyone in this situation; from an alleged Kimye divorce on down.

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