RADIO.COM LIVE Check In: Lil Nas X is taking us to a 'different world' with new music in 2021

'I am trying new sounds and I’m also perfecting old sounds'

We’re feeling blessed because Lil Nas X is joined us for our first RADIO.COM LIVE Check In of 2021.

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The rapper who got super icy and lowkey bionic for his most recent single “HOLIDAY,” sat down with RADIO.COM’s Yesi Ortiz to fill us in on what he has in the works for 2021 and shared all the details about the release of his brand new children’s book C is for Country.

Although 2020 had come to a screeching halt, it seems as if LNX’s momentum has not stopped and has continued to ramp up as we’ve gone headfirst into 2021. From a fan's perspective, it feels like the rapper is always on the go, but he tells Yesi, “I’ve gotten a lot of rest, and I’m kind of tired of rest at this point.”

In the past months, LNX has determined that creating absolutely anything is his “favorite pastime.” Having just released his new children’s book, which includes illustrations from Theodore Taylor, the “Panini” singer says, “Old Town Road was a success, especially amongst kids…they brought this book to me and I’m like, ‘okay this makes perfect sense, let’s go with this,’ and you got this amazing illustrator, this amazing company behind it, Random House, and you know we put it together and now we’re out.”

The rapper explains that the alignment that came together for C is for Country was kismet and allowed for a particularly “wholesome” moment in his career amongst everything else that is happening in the world. “It’s a crazy feeling to have a children’s book or a book, in general, this early in my career,” shares LNX.

LNX dedicated the picture book to his nieces and nephews and tells us, “I’m very close with my family, especially like my siblings and that little pocket of family, like their kids and my grandparents.” He continues, "I really just want them to grow up feeling like they really can do anything…. it’s not just like a saying that you hear at school, it’s really possible. Like if you have this passion, or whatever you want to do, you can go for it.” The artist shares that as he was growing up he didn’t get told that he could achieve anything he wanted as often as he wished, so he strives to make sure his nieces and nephews have that sentiment “drilled into their brains.”

2021 also holds new music for Lil Nas X. After releasing his festive single “HOLIDAY,” the pop star who rappers still respect has been in the studio working on new projects. “2021 is more incredible singles… it’s all going to be one great huge roll out to this incredible album I’ve been working hard on,” says LNX. He also shares that the new album will include features, but cheekily will not share them just yet.

The artist who draws major inspiration from both Nicki Minaj and Lady Gaga tells us that he has developed many of his own alter ego’s from the various alter egos and characters that both Minaj and Gaga have put forward throughout their careers.

During the “HOLIDAY” music video LNX’s Tollay the Elf alter ego is present on screen, as well as St. Nas X, and Naserati X, “the big muscle toy guy,” and Sonic, “this like rockstar, with like this crazy mohawk,” explains the singer.

With 2021 here and a collective yearning for change felt by all, Lil Nas X assures us he is taking us all to “a different world” with his upcoming music. Plus, he mysteriously inserts, “I am trying new sounds and I’m also perfecting old sounds.” We can’t wait for this new era of LNX.

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