Watch Rihanna and A$AP Rocky Quiz Each Other Over Skincare and Cheap T-Shirts

Fenty Skin launched last month

Rihanna and A$AP Rocky played themselves a game of Questions (mostly about skincare) with GQ . Here’s all the dirt we uncovered (see what we did there).

First up in the hot seat, Mr. A$AP Rocky, who just so happens to be one of the brand ambassadors of Rihanna’s new skincare line, Fenty Skin. Question number one was not skincare related, but important nonetheless, “What’s your favorite curse word?” A$AP and RiRi (us too in case you were wondering) had the same answer, it’s the one that starts with an F.

Next question, “Name a food you would never eat?” Both agreed that eating any sort of animal intestine was a definite no go, however, RiRi did bring up one exception though, “I mean unless it’s good for your skin.” Ehh. Ri also asked Rock what the hardest part of working with her was, to which he said that “not goofin’ off” and trying to stay serious was the hardest part of working with his homie.

Then, finally a skincare question, about Rock’s skincare routine to be exact. Rocky keeps things rather simple, “showering, taking care of my skin, exfoliatin’, moisturizin’, just cleansin’ myself. Groomin’, trimmin’…” Rihanna then asked Rock, “What’s your last purchase under $20?” Before he could even attempt to answer, RiRi shot out with a guess, “Condoms?” There’s that joking around Rocky was just telling us about.

His actual answer was a T-shirt that he recently purchased for $11, and while that seems pretty freaking regular to us shmegular folk, Rihanna was also very much into A$AP’s low budget purchase.

Ri moved on to the next question, “What’s your skin type?” Rocky’s answer, “handsome.” Our opinion, agreed. Rihanna’s reaction, a 360 degree eye roll, and she didn’t let it slide, on a mission to get an actual answer Ri snapped back, “ is that a a oily handsome? An acne handsome? A combination handsome? Or just like a sensitive handsome?” No such luck, apparently, After rephrasing the question, he finally divulged he has sensitive skin. Omg same, we have so much in common.

The two also got to talking about the lack or representation of men in the skincare industry. Rocky admitted he didn’t have a so-called male skin care idol that he looked up to. When you think about it, he’s right, and something that’s hopefully about to change with Rihanna’s “new culture of skincare.”

For Rihanna’s turn in the hot seat, the two got together again for a game of Face to Face, this time with Vogue. The first question up was actually something we were dying to know, “What’s the first thing you notice in a person?” Clearly we must know for selfish reasons as it’s one of our life goals for Rihanna to notice us. “The first thing you see is someone’s face,” answered Rihanna.

Well check, we definitely have one of those, one step closer to our goal. Other things she notices, shoes, skin, teeth and smile, and again checks all around.

Riri also broke down her skin type saying, “my skin type is just as complicated as men are.” Detailing that she’s had quite the skincare journey, from ance to sensitiveity to melasma and more. There were also a couple non-skincare related questions in this round as well, but in the interest of time we’ll give you the rapid fire answers. High tops over low tops, and (shockingly) jacket over umbrella. Rihanna also dubbed her mother as her skincare inspiration, attributing her entire concept of beauty to her.

Next, Rock as skin care savant, “What’s part of the beauty industry that you wish you could change?” Ri had a lot to say, and she didn’t hold back, “I wish that the leaders of the beauty industry were a more diverse set of pioneers. Who have not just experienced the culture, but have experience a negligence in the industry whether it comes to their skin tone, their skin type.”

In Rihanna’s opinion there are “so many voids to be filled,” and “lack of representation in the industry.” She believes that by “having an eclectic array of skin types, skin tones, different cultures and people and representations of religions an cultures, you would have the most information on where to go next.”

Not one to wait around for things to get done, it looks as though Riri is taking the matter into her own hands and that’s exactly what she plans to do.

Check out both Rihanna and A$AP Rocky interviews above.

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