Do We Need a Travis Scott McDonalds Chicken Nugget Body Pillow? Definitely!

And we'll have fries with that

We love merch! Especially when it’s food themed, and even more so when it involves Travis Scott. So while we don’t have much to say for the Travis Scott Meal itself yet, you can say we’ve hit the (cactus)jackpot when it comes to the merch.

Like we said were suckers for merch and this super-sized capsule collection has us absolutely “lovin it.” Featuring 60 different pieces of McDonald’s and Travis themed memorabilia, including custom t-shirts, hoodies, hats, throw rugs, a vintage lunch box and lunch tray, a burger tie, and even a Happy Meal-inspired clutch for those night your’e feeling extra fancy.

But if you ask us, the #1 thing on the menu is the is the 36″ body pillow made to look like a giant chicken McNugget. Yes you read the correctly, a chicken nugget body pillow and we must have it! Question, do you think that once we lay our heads on that nugget cloud for an after-meal nap, we might actually get hungry again? You know what, who cares, it’s a risk we’re willing to take.

The long list of merch retails anywhere between $25 and $300 and will begin shipping in about four to six weeks.

As for the Travis Scott Meal, that’s available at select locations from now through October 8. The $6 meal includes a quarter pounder with cheese and bacon, french fries, a side of barbecue sauce, and a Sprite — and when you get there, don’t forget to “say Cactus Jack sent you.”

Check out Trav’s breakdown his McDonald’s meal in commercial below and take a look at the merch, including that beautiful crispy cushion right here.

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