Hear Jack Harlow's 'WHATS POPPIN' Remix With Tory Lanez, DaBaby, and Lil Wayne

Brand new remix 'WHATS POPPIN'?

They really did it tho Jack Harlow’s braggadocios bop just got turnt up times four, thanks to Tory Lanez, DaBaby, and Lil Wayne.

The “WHATS POPPIN” remix produced by JetsonMade has officially dropped and similar to its original version, we’re sure it will have no problems making it way up the charts.

Good thing the Hip Hop heavy hitters obliged when Harlow came knockin’, they could have hit him with his own lyrics, “I ain’t doin no verse, quit askin.” But alas, they didn’t and for that we’re thankful, as each brought their own style to the already successful song.

Jack came through with a new verse starting off the track, keeping on theme, boasting with each added line, “I got five chicks in New York, that means one in each borough / I’m in the pocket like Burrow / When I'm back home, though they treat me like Robert De Niro.”

Up next, DaBaby brought his quintessential quick-hitting style, spitting not only rhymes but the truth. “And I just flew back from LA on the jet yesterday / I go back and forth like I play tennis / I f*** with your ho, yeah, I'm fit for it / Still on the Billboard, the number one song and you can’t."

Tory Lanez followed, keeping it risqué as per usual, “I gotta go gets it, or when I go kiss it / I put my lips on it like somebody water/ The diamond, the glacier, the cut, it all wylin’/ She pulled up to f*** me but nobody caught her.”

Lil Wayne closed out the song, staying true to both the track and himself, “Uh, what's brackin'? / Brand new whip, new mansion / Brand new tips, new dancers / Same old d***, new Magnums / Same old s***, new maggots / Same old throne, new dragons / Same old strong, new ashes."

The original version of the song has already been doing it up big, so with the addition of the Hip Hop star power Harlow recruited to hop on the track, we have a good feeling about this one.

Listen for yourself, check out the  “WHATS POPPIN REMIX” below.

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