Why is Saweetie performing for tips on the boardwalk?

So Saweetie got her boardwalk busk on, and it left fans a little confused
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On Saturday, decked out a neon pink bikini top, colorful spandex shorts and fanny pack, worn the way the cool kids are doing i, Saweetie put on a show for the public on the Santa Monica Pier.

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Caught on camera, Saweetie is seen performing a short list of some of her hits, including her latest single "Fast (Motion)” as bystanders recorded and rapped along.

Kinda random, right? Well, that’s not even the weirdest part,  as she performed, whoever was recording panned to a sign reading "Pretty B**** Summer Donations" placed near a clear container that has already accumulated a few bills.

Fans were puzzled as to why an artist of Saweetie's stature would be busking for bands. Which of course led the internet to come up with their own ideas as to why. One fan theorized that the exercise may have been an assignment for her artist development bootcamp. "Please let this be an assignment for her boot camp," said one user. Another agreed, replying, "I think you guessed right! I could definitely see this as an exercise to up her performances. this would have my anxiety thru the roof."

If you recall, a few weeks ago Saweetie opened up about attending an artist development boot camp to strengthen areas of her craft that “she struggles with.”

As she explained, “Well for me, I’m gonna focus on what I struggle with — I struggle with breathing control, I’m gonna work on my dance moves, my details, all that good stuff, my body, my stamina, everything.”

So despite it being hella cringey to watch, we guess it makes sense for artist development purposes. So go forth Icy Girl, do your thang and develop.

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