John Prine Pays Tribute to 'Those We've Lost' From Coronavirus After Moving Moment During DNC

John Prine's last recording was used to soundtrack an in memoriam video

The opening night of the Democratic National Convention took place as a virtual experience last night replacing the in-person gathering that was scheduled in Milwaukee.

During the evening, the Democrats played an in memoriam tribute to the over 170,000 people who have died from COVID-19 in America.

The video was soundtracked by a gorgeous song called “I Remember Everything” by the late John Prine. Prine passed away on April 7 due to complications from COVID-19.

He was one of many Americans listed in the memorial as the video showed the faces of those who have died from coronavirus and listed their occupation or other descriptors. A counter in the lower right hand corner featured the date along with a counter of total deaths.

The song was Prine’s last recording before he passed away. With lyrics like “I remember everything/Things I can’t forget/The way you turned and smiled on me/On the night that we first met,” the song serves as a beautiful fitting farewell from Prine, but also to those who lost their lives due to COVID-19.

Prine wrote “I Remember Everything” with his longtime collaborator Pat McLaughlin and was produced by Dave Cobb.

John Prine had a knack for offering unique perspective, whether it be comedic, somber, reflective, on what was going on in the world and in his life. Few artists shared his ability to have personal stories connect and relate to his audience so effortlessly. That made Prine the perfect musician to soundtrack a video paying tribute to those lost from COVID-19.

Before Prine was a musician, he was a mail carrier. He was beloved by the neighborhood kids in the western suburbs of Chicago where his route was. Prine continued to deliver mail as he was making music oftentimes coming up with songs while on his route.

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