7 Things You May Not Know About Mick Jagger to Celebrate His 76th Birthday

The iconic rocker continues to surprise with his talents

Mick Jagger is one of the most iconic people in music. Even at the age of 76, the Rolling Stones singer continues to be a force to be reckoned with.

Born Michael Philip Jagger, the musician grew up in a middle-class Dartford, England. 76 years later, he now has eight children of his own and boasts a net worth of around $360 million. As a very public figure that’s been in the spotlight for the better part of six decades, it’s hard to find things you don’t already know about him. With so many talents, it’s also hard to believe he could get any cooler… But he can.

To celebrate his birthday, here are six things you may not know about Mick Jagger.

He swears by ballet as part of his fitness routine

Mick Jagger stays in shape through running, swimming, kickboxing, ballet, yoga, and Pilates. Some help improve his stamina so he can perform long concerts, and he uses ballet to help his balance. 32-year-old girlfriend Melanie Hamrick is also a professional ballerina.

Getting your hands on Mick Jagger memorabilia isn’t cheap

Everyone wants a piece of Mick Jagger, even if it’s just a piece of his hair. A lock of the Rolling Stone frontman’s hair sold for $6,000, and a handwritten love letter to then girlfriend Marsha Hunt was auctioned for $300,000. If you’ve ever dated Mick Jagger: hold onto those notes.

Mick spent weeks courting Angelina Jolie, then ruined it

It seems like Mick Jagger could date virtually anyone he wants to, so the singer set his sights high by trying to date Angelina Jolie in the late ‘90s. He apparently spent weeks convincing her to go out with him, and ruined it shortly after she finally agreed to. They attended a party together and Jagger left her to hook up with Farah Fawcett.

His goal was initially to be a politician

Jagger attended the London School of Economics, following notable alumni like president JFK. Before dropping out to casually become one of the most successful people on the planet, he seriously considered becoming a journalist or a politician.

He is officially a knight

Mick was nominated for knighthood by Prime Minister and huge Rolling Stones fan Tony Blair. Queen Elizabeth declined to personally knight him (likely because of his various critiques of her), but he was still knighted in 2003.

The Rocky Horror Picture Show turned down his request to star in the film

Despite a lack of acting experience, Mick Jagger was gunning for a role in The Rocky Horror Picture Show. He requested to audition for the role of Frank-N-Furter, but the producers already had their eyes set on bringing Tim Curry from the stage show onto the film.

He wasn’t the Rolling Stone’s original lead singer

The Rolling Stones were originally fronted by founder Brian Jones. Mick Jagger replaced him shortly before Jones was dismissed from the band, and died just one month later.