‘90210’ Reboot Brings Back One of Its Most Hated Characters


Ray Pruit has returned to “Beverly Hills, 90210.”

If you were a fan of the ‘90s series, then you know the villainous character who infamously pushed Donna Martin (Tori Spelling) down a flight of stairs in season five of the original.

Jamie Walters played bad-boy Pruit on two seasons of the series and made a return appearance on the show’s reboot “BH90210,” according to Entertainment Weekly.

On the new FOX program, the actors play heightened versions of their actual celebrity selves — not their iconic characters — and so the convoluted storyline had the OG cast thinking Walters was the one behind a recent fire on the show within a show’s set.

Yes, it’s quite confusing, but at least Walters’ cameo featured him singing his 1992 radio hit “How Do You Talk to an Angel,” which was also the theme song to a short-lived series he did prior to “Beverly Hills, 90210.” Anyone remember “The Heights?”

In real life, playing Donna’s abusive boyfriend on “90210” derailed Walters’ career so badly (fans actually thought he pushed Spelling!)  that he eventually gave up on acting and became a firefighter/paramedic instead.
Nothing wrong with that!

So when the heightened version of his real self was accused of starting the fire on the reboot, Walters had the perfect response: “You guys know I quit acting and became a firefighter, right? I put out fires, I don’t start ‘em.” Redemption!

After debuting to strong ratings in August, “BH90210” has taken a steady dive in viewership over its first five episodes. With only one more episode left in its truncated six-episode first season, it’s still unclear if the show will live to see a second season.

The season finale of “BH90210” airs Wednesday at 9pm on Fox