John Mayer Debuts Hilarious New Holiday Song ‘CVS Bag’


Move over Mariah Carey, because John Mayer has the holidays in the bag.

The 42-year-old has taken the banal act of shopping the aisles of a 24-hour drugstore and turned it into a new holiday classic with the unveiling of his hysterical song “CVS Bag.”

Looking absolutely dreamy in a subdued charcoal gray cable knit sweater, Mayer shared the Yuletide ditty in a clip from his Instagram TV show “Current Mood.”

“I wrote a song about the trustiest of companions while staying at someone else’s house for the holidays,” the Grammy winner captioned the nearly three minute bop.

“Please enjoy “CVS Bag,” as performed last night on @currentmood. Happy Holidays!”

The songwriter also gave some background on what inspired his ode to the pharmacy chain’s plastic tote.

“I wrote this song myself and it’s about something we all encounter in the holidays,” he said while introducing the jingle, adding how when you are staying with family in small towns there are often limited shopping options in the late evening.

Mayer then sings: "I fell asleep too early / I woke up at midnight / I was hungry / It was alright, you were there / CVS bag on the table."

The catchy chorus then kicks in: “CVS bag you’re all that I have/ CVS bag mostly snacks and a charger cable/ CVS bag and a thing for my dad.”

Proving his dedication to the new anthem, the “Daughters” crooner then pulls out his own CVS bag and reveals the contents include Reisen chocolates, Q-tips, an Applebee's gift card and 87 cents in change. Where is the lie?!

Needless to say, fans were quick to comment how relatable they found the track.

“Song of the decade,” wrote one of his followers.

“Please put this song on Spotify,” added another.

“Easily one of the best CVS songs I’ve ever heard,” a third wrote with a touch of Mayer humor.

From now all late-night CVS runs for incidentals will have you in the holiday spirit regardless of the time of year.

Fun fact: Mayer’s ex Katy Perry also famously sang about a plastic bag - albeit a generic one - in her 2010 hit “Firework”.

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