Kevin Durant and Noah '40' Shebib talk Drake: 'His impact is so great'

Photo credit The ETC’s/C13 x The Boardroom

Noah "40" Shebib, the man behind the trademark sounds of OVO and Drake, sat down with Kevin Durant for his podcast "The ETC's with Kevin Durant" to talk about the people who have shaped the last decade of popular music.

During the podcast, produced by RADIO.COM's Cadence13 and The Boardroom, the two talked about Drake's musical and technical genius.

"Yo, listen, he's so f---ing hands on. He produces so much," 40 began. "His impact is so great when he's in the room."

40 went on to say that Drake is usually the one with all of the ideas, even noting that he's tried to give him production credit multiple times. "It's him who's got those ideas. It's him who's got those visions," 40 said.

"It doesn't matter what we're talking about. Sample ideas, pieces, loops, whatever, anything. He's an incredible producer," he continued.

Still, Drake doesn't like to take all of the credit for the production work. "But he doesn't take all the credit for it, and I've often given him production credit," 40 said.

Through their work together, Drake and 40 have created some masterpieces on very little equipment - and it's been so successful that it even caught a young Travis Scott's attention.

"Me and Drake made 'So Far Gone' on a little laptop in 2009 with a little Mbox and a little sh---y TLM 103 microphone, and like, that's it. You know, we didn't have nothing. And we went and we made that whole album," 40 said.

40 went on to say that Scott once told him a story about a time when he was just starting out and looked to 40 for his techniques with low-tech equipment. "He came to me, he was like, '40, man. This one time you did this...this post on the OVO blog about all you need is this microphone, and an interface, and a sh---y laptop, and like you can get it done.'"

Scott continued by saying the process inspired him, and that day he asked his mom to help him get some of the equipment. "And look what happened, you know?" he continued.

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