Angelina Jolie Was 'Feeling Broken' Before Playing Maleficent Again


The Mistress of Evil didn’t have such an easy time jumping back into the role. Angelina Jolie has opened up about finding the strength required to be up to the task.

Jolie is back from a four-year acting hiatus with her reprised role as the lead in “Maleficent: Mistress of Evil.” In an interview with PEOPLE, Jolie reveals that wearing the shoes again wasn’t so easy of a feat.

“It was a tough time,” she admits. “I’d been coming off a few years of difficulty, and I was not feeling very strong. In fact, I was feeling pretty broken. It took me a moment to feel the strength of [Maleficent] again.”

And while Jolie has a roost of children that could have appeared in the movie, she reveals that none of them were all that into the idea – not even Vivienne, who appeared as Aurora’s younger self in the 2014 original of the movie.

“I tried. Viv still can’t believe I made her a princess. None of my kids want to be actors,” she tells PEOPLE. She goes on to say that they’re all more into “business, humanitarian affairs, things like that.”

But it wasn’t all for naught. Her kids helped her out in different ways, giving her a source of the strength that she needed to come back into her role as Maleficent. When asked where she gets her strength from, Jolie simply answered, “My kids.”

Jolie was joined by her children at the premiere of “Maleficent: Mistress of Evil.”

The film hits theaters on Friday.